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LED Dimmer Switches

Quality Dimmers give you the exact light level that you desire in a work place or any room in your house and as a result, alter (in a good way) the mood. The most established dimming method is phase-control or phase cut. 

Voltacon was selected for its increased chance of compatibility with trailing edge and leading edge dimmers that work with LED Drivers and most LED Bulbs. The VARILIGHT V-Pro dimmer delivers the smoothest dimming performance

The new range of Volta-Switch with sleek glass-panel is the newest range with manual and remote control.


The V-Pro Series Dimmers are suitable for low LED loads as there are no minimum load requirements. IGBT-based technology.

All Varilight V-Pro Series dimmers  (or gang on a multi-gang dimmer) can control between 1 and 10 dimmable LEDs (the maximum permeable load per gang is 100 watts).


V-Com Series Dimmers are made to control large dimmable LED lighting loads.
TRIAC-Based technology

15W - 180W (max. 20 LEDs).   15W - 220W (max. 26 LEDs).   20W - 300W (max. 30 LEDs) 

Please contact our technical department on 02477675575 to assist you with selection of the right dimmer switch. We stock the complete range of Varlight dimmer switches including the touch & remote control series.

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