LED Track Lighting - Warm White (3000K)

LED Track Lighting - Commercial & Retail Lighting

Designed for commercial use, these LED spot lights creating a brilliant light in the areas you need to be lit. By choosing LED spot lights, you benefit from both using less energy and the savings that occur when you light your area with cost efficient bulbs.


Designed to throw focused light for a fair distance these LED spot lights pack 30 watts of lighting power. Easy to mount and maintain, these lights have a long life expectancy and will keep your areas lit for years to come. Featuring a streamlined black and brass toned design, these lights are as pleasant to look at as they are cost effective.

The GL-TLS30 Track Spot Light is manufactured with three mounting structures

  • Standard base that fitts any tracking system
  • Surface mounted base for great flexibility, the spot light can be mounted on brick, plasterboard or concrete surface. 
  • Pendant rod
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