Emergency Lighting Explained. A simple selection guide


Emergency Lighting Explained. A simple selection guide

What is an emergency light ?

Voltaled emergency lights are made with YUASA battaries (a trusted brand of quality batteries) that continiously charged when the mains voltage is present. When the permanent feed (which is normally 230Vac or 110Vac) has removed or failed the back up power kicks in for at least 3 hours. The light output of the fitting is dimmed down to 30% in emergency operation.

What are the types of emergency LED Lights

First of all we have to differentiate the two functions of emergency lights
  • MAINTAINED Emergency Fitting will : functions as a normal light fitting and can be turn on and off like any ordinary fitting in the same area. When the mains voltage fails (the 230Vac or 110Vac if you are in USA) the maintained emergency light will keep illuminating for another 3 hours at reduced lumen output (approximately 30% of the nominal luminosity). Almost all Voltacon's LED fittings can be converted to maintained emergency lights. That includes T8 LED tubes, LED panels, T5 LED tubes, PLG24 and PL2G11 and LED Lamps. The wall and ceiling LED bulkheads are also equipped emergency packs.
  • NON-MAINTAINED Emergency Fitting is under normal conditions switched off. The internal battery (Ni-Cd or Ni-MH) is charged, the green LED indicates a healthy , fully charged fitting ready to act in emergency mode. If for any reason the permanent power supply fails, the non maintained fitting will be switched on automatically providing 200-300lumen for 3 hours. Non-maintained lights are usually emergency exit signs
Ledison lighting keeps stock of all types of emergency lights , you can find them online.

Lighting regulations and British Standards