Ledison to Supply a Further 15000 led bulbs to the British Ministry of Defence


Ledison to Supply a Further 15000 led bulbs to the British Ministry of Defence



Ledison Supplies 15,000 More LED Bulbs to the MOD

London, UK — June 24, 2020 — The British Ministry of Defence has called upon Ledison once again, placing an order for 15,000 more LED bulbs for use on military ships and other vessels. This latest order follows a contract to supply 32,000 LED bulbs to the MOD — an order that was successfully fulfilled.

In total, the firm has now supplied over 250,000 LED lights to commercial and military shipping fleets, making this the largest-scale re-lamping program in modern history. Ledison is proud to have played a significant role in boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of these craft, and the firm is quickly becoming the British government's go-to firm for energy-efficient, highly reliable lighting solutions.

The Coventry based firm supplied the entire fleet including the two largest air-craft carriers (Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales), 6 Destroyers T45 and 9 Frigates T23

While the team was able to carry out the project successfully, the initial order was not a straightforward one. The brief was to engineer a very small but very powerful LED unit, for use in extreme applications within aircraft carrier and warship destroyers. This meant engineering a 1200 Lumen, 10W bulb, in the smallest ever aluminium housing for a unit of this size. The housing used is usually reserved for 5W or 8W bulbs.

Despite this initial challenge, the Ledison team came through with aplomb. The team utilised the best quality aluminium for their forged aluminium housing, as well as ceramic substrates for the mounting of the LED chips. Working with these materials, Ledison was able to produce a bulb capable of an impressive 25,000 hours of life expectancy, despite serious sizing constraints placed on the project.

LEDs provide a significant advantage across a number of different applications. This is because they are more energy-efficient than other traditional types of bulb, as well as being more effective when it comes to illumination. They are also safer, as they emit less heat energy than other types of bulb, and do not need to be replaced until 10 or 15 years down the line.

This is something very close to the hearts of the Ledison and Voltacon teams. Lighting is such a crucial amenity — something people can't live without — and yet this cannot come at the expense of the planet. It's for this reason that both teams take their responsibilities very seriously. On each project, they strive to create quality products that stand the test of time, not just consumable ones that will be thrown away after short-term use.