Car Body Shop " Perfect Finish" Goes for Premium LED Light Fitting


Car Body Shop " Perfect Finish" Goes for Premium LED Light Fitting

Perfect Finish, a vehicle accident repair specialist in Coventry, UK, has chosen Voltacon’s LED lights in the refurbishment of their newly extended car body shop.

Perfect Finish chose LED Shower Bay Lights, LED Tri-Proof Light Fittings, and Linear LED Bay Lights for their accident repair workshop. Now, they’re enjoying the benefits associated with quality lighting, as well as energy and cost savings.

High Baylights Fits on Car Body Shop

The Need for Quality Lighting

An LED light with the highest colour rendering index (CRI) was a priority for Perfect Finish to enable them to colour-match paint for accurate spray jobs. To replicate the manufacturer’s original paintwork when blending and applying paint in the workshop, they needed a light source as close to natural daylight as possible. Otherwise, when the vehicle was out in the sun, the customer would notice a substantial colour difference in the paintwork.

On a scale from 0 to 100, the higher the CRI, the better the light source is at reproducing the colour accurately. The lower the CRI, the more unnatural the colour will appear. Impressively, the lights chosen by Perfect Finish all have a CRI of over 80.

The Perfect Choice

Perfect Finish chose 100Watt LED Linear Bay Lights in colour 5500k cool white, all in aluminium housing. Suitable for any type of industrial roof, our LED Linear Bay Lights have an IK10 rating, which means they are protected against around 20 joules impact.

The polishing area is lit by our 100Watt LED Shower Bay Lights. Suitable for commercial and industrial areas, these LED Shower Bay Lights have an IP65 rating and provide over 50,000 hours of bright light. The lights were installed in a four-in-a-square arrangement for best results.

The preparation area and colour/chemical mixing rooms were fitted with 40Watt Poseidon Tri-Proof Light Fittings. With an IP66 rating, these light fittings can withstand all weather environments, even wet and humid areas, and according to British standards, they can withstand fire for 90 minutes. In addition, they are resistant to corrosion and chemicals and last for over 50,000 hours.

The overall energy savings are calculated at 65 per cent in real money, which translates to a saving of £120 per month from 15 fittings. A fantastic investment, Perfect Finish will benefit from a short payback period of fewer than 12 months.

Shower High Bay Light

The classic LED replacement for high and low bay pressure lamps 400W. It achieves the best energy savings in the industrial lights.

Industrial Light Fittings

Tri Proof LED Fixture

IP67, suitable for demanding environment, it stand direct jet wash, extremely resistant to high temperature.

Shower LED Bay Light

Classic replacement for 400W SON bay lamps. It achieves the best savings for industrials lights with exception performance.

LED Lights with superior performance in commercial and industrial places.

Proven technology
Over 50,000 hour life span
Remain brighter longer with LM80