150 More LED Street and Motorway Lights installed in Greece.


150 More LED Street and Motorway Lights installed in Greece.

4th May 2022

First of all, let’s talk about location — because these lights went up in an incredible and historically important place.

Avdira (also called Abdera) is a small village in northern Greece, only 20 kilometres from Xanthi and just a few kilometres from the Aegean coast. This charming farming village is known for its beautiful beach, local wildlife and rich history. Avdira has ties to ancient philosophy, science and art — in fact, it was the birthplace of Democritus, a 4th-century philosopher and one of the fathers of the atomic theory of the universe.

Amazing, right? It seems only fitting that a place known for its ties to philosophical illumination should be part of Greece’s LED lighting project! Now, let's move on to the LED program that’s helping to illuminate such an important place in the world.

The new lighting program rolled out this year with the goal of illuminating villages in the municipality of Avdira. The pilot project began with 150 brand new fittings that were installed in various areas throughout the municipality. Central roads are illuminated with ultra-bright 100W LED lights and offer a more natural and eye-friendly temperature at 4000K.

During the next phase, it’s estimated that over 2500 old light fixtures on various main streets will be replaced. And the gains? Energy savings are expected to increase to 70% by making the switch to LED technology.

The local council and Voltacon (who is supplying the Hyperion LED street lights used for the project) continue to work together to ensure a successful outcome.

One notable challenge this project faced was the need to install lights literally on the sea. In addition to constant sea spray and humidity, any lights out by the water would also have to endure strong winds in the winter, which can send sea waves that can splash on the lamp posts even up to the level of the LED lights. Luckily, the aluminium housing of Voltacon lights offers anti-corrosive properties, and electrostatic paint further protects the lights from salty water and constant humidity.

So, how do residents feel about the LED lighting initiative? Feedback from the locals has been very positive. The new lights have completely transformed the night: the old high-pressure sodium lamps used to emit an extra warm (red-orange) light, while the new Ledison lights offer a beautiful natural white colour that blends harmoniously with the surrounding village and historical buildings.

Local team prepares the Hyperion LED Street light for installation
LED Street Lights 100Watt in 4000K natural day light
Double pole with LED street lights installed on the waves of the AEGEAN sea
Illuminating a steet in the village