M25 London Motorway Services Upgrade their Lighting to LED Street Light


M25 London Motorway Services Upgrade their Lighting to LED Street Light

Voltacon’s Hyperion Cree LED Street Lights have been used to replace the High-Pressure Sodium lights in place at Cobham Services on the M25 in London. The result is high light-quality and improved energy efficiency, with the operators benefiting from superior lifespan and lower maintenance costs.

Cobham Services on the M25.

As one of the nation’s busiest motorways, more than a million people use the M25 every day. It would take you around one hour 40 minutes to drive around the orbital road at the national speed limit, assuming there is no traffic, and along the way, you would encounter five services.

One such Services is at Cobham, Surrey, between junction 9 and 10 at the south-western corner of the M25 loop, midway between London's Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. Opened in September 2012, the single site services is operated by Extra with facilities including a food court, washrooms, retail outlets, a Days Inn budget hotel, a Business Centre, a Shell filling station, and a lakeside terrace. There is extensive parking for all types of vehicle and adequate lighting is essential to ensure the comfort, safety and security of visitors and staff. Extra had 250-watt High-Pressure Sodium lights in place, but we were able to offer them a far better alternative.

We installed 100 LED Street Lights in total. Our ultra energy-saving Hyperion Cree LED Street lights are only 90 watts, but we have achieved natural daylight of 4000k across the parking areas, including both short and long-stay car parks. Features include a perforated heatsink and cooling technology which works to raise the lumen output and extend the life of the LED chips. In addition, the LED lights include:

  • Modern slim shape to resist strong winds
  • Fittings with robust aluminium housing
  • Stainless steel screws and bolts
  • Ready for all weather conditions

The Benefits

The customer chose integrated photocell sensors for 50% of the lights. They can expect to enjoy significant energy savings as a result of the lights' automatic dark sensors. LEDs are not easily damaged, and they present a longer lifespan than other street lights. No warm-up is needed; LED lights respond instantaneously even when it’s cold, and produce a steady light without flicker. Ledison Lighting offers a seven-year warranty on this product.


Hyperion Cree LED Street Light 90 watt