The rapid expansion and advance of energy saving LED lighting mean it is vital to keep up with all the latest consumer news and technological changes in the industry.

Ledison leads the way in the production, sale and delivery of a vast selection of LED products.

Our aim is to ensure you are always up-to-date with all our latest great value prices and offers while informing you about our latest high-grade commercial products and our innovations in design and manufacture.

By following our news feed, you will gain a unique insight into how we work, what we offer and the professionalism and dedication to quality and service which are our watchwords in business.

We believe it will also help you understand the specific features of our LED products and their creation and design to help you make more informed choices about your ideas and purchases.

We believe it is important to be in contact with our customers.

That is our policy, whether they are large trade account holders working in industry and commerce, interior designers developing luxurious and ambient new lighting arrangements in offices and retail outlets or domestic clients creating stylish visions for their own homes.

Our news section ensures that we can be in touch with our consumers and explain the benefits of LED energy savings and the huge cost benefits, and environmentally-friendly advantages it delivers.

We want our clients to be knowledgeable about all the up-to-date technological breakthroughs in the fast-moving LED lighting industry.

It is also important to be informed about the far-reaching law changes –like those brought in by the EU, the USA and China - which are sweeping away wasteful and inefficient old forms of lighting and promoting their replacement by up-to-the minute LED products and services.

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