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Smart WiFi Switches

Smart light switches are not the future but the standard technology that works well in newly built properties and old homes. 

From smart dimmer switches to smart on/off switches, Ledison offers a complete range of ZigBee, Radio Frequency (RF) and Wi-Fi-controlled wall switches. 

Smart switches are unique and simple energy-saving devices giving you wireless remote control of your lights from the home or office, or anywhere via a smartphone. Add voice control by connecting your smart switch with Amazon Alexa and/or Google Assistant - you can even connect a smart dimmer or smart on/off switch to your security system for additional peace of mind.

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  1. Smart Wall Switch Zigbee Tuya Wifi Non Dimmable
  2. Zigbee Enabled AC Triac Dimmer Switch Tuya RF 2.4G
  3. Zigbee Gateway Wi-Fi Mesh Connection for Multiple Switches
  4. Zigbee Enabled Non Dimmable On/Off Wall Light Switch
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