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E27 LED (ES)

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The smart way to create a comfortable and relaxing ambience using LED bulbs

The first thing you want to do is choose bulbs that have high-quality flicker-free light that lasts. Make sure the bulbs have a CRI index of more than 85 and a life span of at least 35000-40000 hours. It's important to opt for quality bulbs that don't flicker when you turn the lights on.

Choosing an aluminium casing over a plastic one will not only help the environment but also your wallet. Cold-forged aluminium has a very good dissipation index, which keeps the bulb from overheating, protects the internal circuits and ensures a long life span and high efficiency.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether the bulbs you choose are dimmable or not. A dimming feature will allow you to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere and save money further. When reducing the brightness of a dimmable bulb, it consumes less electricity, meaning you save more.

And lastly, go for bulbs with a colour temperature of 3000K or Warm White. It is a soft light that is easy on the eye, giving out a warm glow which helps you achieve that comforting and relaxing feeling in the room.

We offer a great range of high-quality dimmable LED bulbs that can help you create a cosy ambience, save money and help the environment.

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    Ledison Globe LED Bulb - 5W, E27, A65, Warm White, 2700K, 230V
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  2. Satelight LED Light Fitting - Multipurpose - 60Watt Ceiling Light
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    Ledison Globe LED Bulb - 14W, E27, Warm White, 2700K, 230V
    Special Price £9.90 Regular Price £11.30
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    Smart Spectrum 7W LED Bulb Alexa & Google - WiFi
    Special Price £12.90 Regular Price £15.99
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    LED Filament Classic Bulb Pharox 4Watt Frosted Glass
    Special Price £3.50 Regular Price £4.99
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