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G9 LED 230V

Designed to replace your existing G9 Halogen bulbs, these high quality LED bulbs will save you money on your energy expenditure. Dimmable G9 LED bulbs with ceramic housing specifically designed to provide the quality of light that’s suitable for domestic and retail, these bulbs offer a warm comfortable glow that also allows you to see very well.

The glow from this bulb will showcase your merchandise so that consumers can see it, but also allowing them to feel comfortable in the ambiance of your store. In home use, you’ll have a lovely warm glow by which you can read, have dinner, and more. Anyway you use these bulbs, you’ll receive a great value on energy savings with their high efficiency rating.

Our G9 LED bulbs are capable of replacing halogen counterparts up to 40W. The most power retrofit lamp is only 4Watt dimmable

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