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Ledison Lighting is a certified distributor of high-performance LEDON LED lights.

THE BEST lighting quality

The French philosopher Honoré de Balzac stated: “The light is a symbol of life and joy.” Following his words, this is what we try to deliver every day. The unique characteristics of our lamps are:

Natural Light

The colour rendering index (CRI) of the light is a measure of how THE colours appear under a specific light colour. LEDON bulbs have the best colour reproduction. This causes a pleasant and natural lighting atmosphere. 


Even in LED bulbs flickering is noticable due to voltage fluctuation. Low-cost lights with basic power supplies deliver bad quality light with visible flicker to the human eyes. LEDON lamps are flicker-free and support well-being and lighting comfort.

LEDON lamps are now recommended by the UK Energy Saving Trust. The LEDON products have been independently assessed and meet the strict environmental regulations, placing them among the best in its class The energy efficiency class is A+++

Warning: There are only a few certified A+++ led products in the market, please be aware of the escalating number of low-cost LED bulbs with no certification and overrated specifications.  

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