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LED 2D Lamps (GR10Q 4pin)

Ledison's retrofit replacement for the traditional 2D (DD)  saves up to 70% of energy. The LED 2D lamp is manufactured with a perforated printed circuit board (PCB) for improved heat dissipation. That prolongs the life span of the lamp for over 50,000 hours. The LEDISON range of 2D lamps is the perfect replacement for the 4pin 16W, 28W and 36W CFL (compact fluorescent) lamps. 

         Fluorescent 2D Lamp 1   LED 2D 2 LED 2D3

The energy-saving LED 2D has an identical 4-pin base to the old fluorescent 2D lamp.

The LED 2D trays have a built-in led driver and 4-pin base that is compatible with all the equivalent fittings in the market. Voltacon has developed a microwave version for even higher energy savings. The emergency conversion pack with NI-CD battery can be easily connected to 12W or 16W LED trays for up to 3 hours of maintained power supply. 

Our LED 2D trays can be installed in ceiling and wall-mounted fittings. You can help to refurbish and alter your existing fluorescent to accept the LED tray or you can buy a brand new fitting.


  • Save energy up to 70% compared with traditional fluorescent 2D fittings. 
  • Long Life of over 50000h, thanks to excellent heat dissipation with aluminium board
  • Standard GR8/10-Q, 4-pin base and standard shape for direct replacement of fluorescent DD lamps.
  • Built-in Green LED and socket for use with LED DD emergency module
  • Lumen maintenance is 80% after 50,000h
  • Instant start-up
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