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LED Ceiling Lights. VOLTALED Fittings.

Voltaled is the new slim and versatile LED ceiling light designed and fabricated by Voltacon.

This stylish modern-look ceiling light has a slim and elegant brushed aluminium bezel that makes it the perfect choice for illuminating corridors, residential areas, bathrooms, utility rooms and reception areas in hospitals and hotels.

The colour temperature of this versatile LED ceiling light can be easily changed to adapt to the lighting needs of the user thanks to the three built-in switches which allow you to change the temperature from cool-white to warm-white or to use a combination of the two.

Voltaled ceiling lights are waterproof and are suitable for installation in any damp environment including balconies and outside areas. The IP (ingression protection) rating of IP54 makes them suitable for humid environments such as bathrooms.


Voltaled is easy to install and comes with all the accessories needed for a hassle-free deployment on your premises. The smallest unit weighs 920g, while the largest weighs in at 1.2kg. These slim and elegant ceiling lights are only 40mm thick so they fit discreetly into any style or material of ceiling, including plasterboard, wood and concrete. The Voltaled lights can even be used on the walls of your home or business for a stylish lighting solution.

Mood control lights. 3 Colour into one fitting

The lights are made from aluminium for improved heat dissipation, which extends the lifespan of the product to over 50,000 hours, saving you time and money in the process. Optional extras like dimming and microwave sensors offer even greater energy savings.

To assist compliance with building regulations, Voltacon offers a certified emergency pack with battery which can provide three hours of emergency lighting at around 300 lumens.

Each luminaire contains over 200 LED chips for even light distribution and is made from top quality materials. The individual components are assembled in Voltacon's UK laboratory.

Main features

  • 120° Beam Angle
  • Colour Rendering Index above 80
  • Waterproof, IP54
  • Dimmable
  • 50.000 Hours average lifespan 
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