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LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are increasing in popularity all over the world because they provide an efficient light source for homes and offices alike. Once you have your LED panels installed, you will wonder how you ever did without them, as they provide both flexibility and reliability for homeowners.

Suitable for all ceilings

These lights are very easy to install since you can hang them from the ceiling with wire or mount them onto the ceiling directly. They are then attached using an AC connector, so you won’t need any additional tools to complete the installation. In the end, LED panels are an excellent way to upgrade the lighting inside or outside of your home, while saving money on your energy bills.

Quality of Light

The first thing that many people ask about when considering LED panels is how well they light up a room. After all, poor lighting can ruin the interior of any home, especially in rooms that you and your guests frequent. Luckily, LED lights provide outstanding illumination in an even pattern. Even lighting allows you to set the ambience in every room in your home without any trouble whatsoever.

A New Range of LED Panels with Three Colour Temperatures

Did you get tired of seeing the same light colour? Are you undecided about which colour temperature to choose? The new  LED panels offer consumers a revolutionary way to change the ambience in their room with the use of a simple switch. You can select between 3000K (warm white), 4000K (natural white) and 5500K (cool white) with a simple switch on the panel. The new range "Clear Sky Panel" is available in three sizes 595x595mm, 1195x295mm and 1195x595mm. The panels are controlled and powered by a Philips LED driver. The complete set of products is covered by our standard 5-year warranty (no need to be extended)

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    2 Panels GLACIAL Back-Lit LED Recess Panel 50Watt. 600x600mm
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  2. LED Panel. Recessed Ceiling Light 40W 600x600
  3. LED Panel - Three Colour Temperatures 40W 600x600
  4. LED Panel with Phillips Driver 40W 600x600
  5. Leonardo Smart Bluetooth LED Panel 40W 600x600
  6. LED Panel with Phillips Driver 40W 1200x300
  7. LED Panel with Phillips Driver 60W 1200x600
  8. Liteplan LED Emergency Conversion Pack, Remote Installation, LiFePO4 Battery, NLP/1/80/TP40
  9. Emergency Pack for LED Panel Lights
  10. Surface Mount Aluminium Frame 600x600
  11. Surface Mount Aluminium Frame 1200x300
  12. Surface Mount Aluminium Frame 1200x600
  13. Suspension Cables for LED Panels
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