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United Kingdom

Voltacon UK Limited

Burnsall Road, Industrial Estate, CV5 6BU
02477 675 575



Voltacon SRL

Str. Augustin Bena nr. 84, 515800, Sebes, Alba, Romania
+40 723366337



Voltacon S.A.

Xanthi. TK67064, Greece
+30 210 3008259

UK Company details:
Company Registration: 7524135
VAT Number: GB110593740

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How do LED lights save energy?
They are around 10 times more efficient at converting electricity into light than wasteful old-fashioned filament varieties of bulb which create around 95 per cent heat just to generate five per cent of light.
How much do LED bulbs and lights cost?
The independent and non-profit making Energy Saving Trust says: “The price of LED lights has dropped dramatically… “Bulbs that once cost £20 can now be purchased for £5. The LEDs are still relatively expensive, but they soon pay for themselves as they dramatically lower energy bills.”
How drastically do LEDS reduce energy use?
The Daily Telegraph reported; “They consume so much less electricity that you will quickly recoup your outlay in lower bills,” and, suggested in 2014, this could save an average household £240 per year. The bulbs typically last for five years or more – extending those savings over a long period. .
Why are LED lights considered safer than older lighting methods?
They create light at much lower temperatures and are sold state – with no moving parts – so they are more robust and much less prone to damage
Why do LED lights produce the best illumination?
They produce what is known as “directional light” which means they aim clearer and “colder” light in a specific direction. LED lights typically score above 90 on the official Colour Rendering Index which measures how accurately they show hues and tones.
Is it easy to search for LED lights and products and buy them online?
It could not be more simple using Ledison’s extensive and detailed website and our Online and Trade Account facilities.
What are typical delivery times?
They are usually 24-48 hours, depending on stock. Nearly every LED product is kept on site. But if items are unavailable, deliveries will take 7-10 days. Bulk orders require 10-30 days.