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Football & Tennis Court Lighting

Athled LED Outdoor Lights for Tennis Courts and Football Pitches 

To truly make the most of a sports field, you'll want the players to be able to play even after the sun goes down and to do that, you'll need adequate lighting. However, to avoid interfering with the abilities of the players, it is important that the lighting design is as even as possible across the entire pitch and that there are minimal shadows so players can see the ball clearly. 

Athled LED lights are specifically designed for this purpose and give you plenty of flexibility in terms of brightness, beam angle and light direction. These lights are fully adjustable and range in wattage from 75W to 400Watt. The LED driver is waterproof, making these lamps suitable for all weather conditions. Best of all, the life span of the bulbs is more than 50,000 hours, minimising maintenance over the years. 

Ledison manufactures a special range of LED sports lighting systems with the latest technology with ultra-high power LED chips. The range is called Athled and adapts special optics for enhancing brightness on the football field and tennis courts. We ensure that athletic events stay bright in all weather conditions. We provide solutions for small and complex outdoor sports facilities.

Tennis Court Lights

When lighting a tennis court, the objective is to ensure good visibility enabling both players and spectators to follow the progress of a game. The ball, regardless of its location and speed, should always be clearly visible. Our latest engineering masterpiece is the range of 1440-watt flood lights. 12 individual LED modules each independently adjusted make our strongest ever outdoor light


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  1. Athled LED Flood Light 480Watt
  2. Athled LED Flood Light 720Watt
  3. Athled LED Flood Light 960Watt
  4. Athled LED Flood Light 1200Watt
  5. Athled LED Flood Light 1440Watt
  6. Athled LED 75Watt Flood Light Tennis Court Outdoor
  7. Athled LED 150Watt Flood Light Tennis Court Outdoor
  8. Athled LED 240Watt Flood Light Tennis Court Outdoor
  9. Athled LED 300Watt Flood Light Tennis Court Outdoor
  10. Athled LED 600Watt Flood Light Tennis Court Outdoor
  11. Athled MODULAR LED Flood Light 240W-720W
  12. Athled MODULAR LED Flood Light 300W-900W
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