T8 LED Tubes

LEDISON LED tubes integrate SMD2835 light sources with a frosted cover design in the traditional linear fluorescent form factor, the LED tubes have identical dimensions with the conventional CFL tube. The new light source offers natural light colours while the combination of the internal intelligent power supply and the latest LED technology results in up to 70% energy saving.

Improved Lifespan

Like all Ledison LED tubes, the T8 model possesses a built-in LED driver. Not only does this do away with the need for electromagnetic or electronic ballasts necessary to start and stabilize current through fluorescent lamps, the intelligent power supply also results in energy savings of up to 70%. The tube are single-ended (mains voltage conntected to one side of the tube).

The extremely long life span of Ledison LED tubes (up to over 50,000 hours) is in part due to advanced cooling technology that channels heat away from the LEDs. The rotating end caps can be locked into numerous positions, and as the LED tubes are directional as opposed to fluorescent tubes, light will be directed exactly where it is needed. 

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