T5 LED Tubes

The all new Ledison T5 tube with built-in power supply - Introducing new standards for the lighting industry

Ledison LED tubes are quickly becoming the new industry standard in lighting. With their high quality components and modern design, they boast superior performance, reliability and efficiency when compared to the older technologies they replace. As the name suggests, the T5 LED tube serves as a direct replacement for T5 fluorescent tubes. It features standard T5 pins and 180-degree rotating end caps to ensure a perfect fit in any existing fixture. Fluorescent tubes were introduced as they were more efficient and longer lasting than regular incandescent light bulbs but came with many disadvantages as well. Ledison T5 LED tubes not only surpass fluorescent tubes in efficiency and lifespan, they also eliminate the disadvantages of the older technology.

Simplified Replacements

Ledison T5 tubes include a built in power supply installed inside the aluminium LED tube, offering an easy and safe retrofit. They are a direct ‘drop-in’ for fittings with magnetic ballasts (where they eliminate the characteristic fluorescent hum), and where electronic ballasts are present, these must be bypassed completely with the LED tubes being connected directly to the mains. Both single end and double end models are available. 

High Quality Lighting

Providing the same luminosity with wattages as low as 6w, the LED tube is in a different class of efficiency. LED light is directional, and as such all the energy being used is directed at the intended source - no need for reflectors commonly seen in fluorescent fixtures. Flickering is not a concern, and LEDs maintain full luminosity until the end of their long life, providing your choice of Warm White, Natural White, Cool White or Frosted (uniform) colour temperature. Importantly, LED lights do not contain toxic mercury like their fluorescent counterparts. Broken fluorescent lights are a health concern, and in some areas regulations even require special disposal.

LED T5 Tube with built in driver - Structure



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