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Microwave sensor

Give your light fixtures the ability to turn on as soon as someone or something moves with one of our microwave sensors. Whether for home or office, these microwave sensors can provide security and help save money. When a microwave sensor detects a disruption in its field, it powers the light on.

This is highly effective for security lighting. When a person is detected, the light goes on. Light discourages trespassers or others with ill intent to linger. In homes or workplaces motion detected lighting can save money by automatically turning the lights off when a room or workspace is not in use.

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  1. Hytronik Bluetooth Microwave Sensor HC005/BT
  2. Hytronik Microwave Sensor HMW32A
  3. Photocell Bulit-in Daylight Sensor DS05
  4. Hytronik Stand-alone HF Motion Sensor
  5. Hytronik HC430S Attachable Microwave Sensor On/Off
  6. Eco version HC005S Super-compact Sensor
  7. Hytronik Microwave Sensor HC009S Eco version
  8. Eco version HC009S-KD
  9. Integrated SensorDIM LED Driver HEC9025
  10. Integrated Motion Sensor LED Driver HEC6018
  11. Hytronik IP65 box for Microwave Sensors
  12. Hytronik Microwave Sensor - False Ceiling
  13. Hytronik Microwave Sensor - Flush-mounted
  14. Reinforced Attachable On/Off Sensor. High Bay Lights
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16 Item(s)

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