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LED High Bay Lamps

The VOLTALED High/Low bay lamps have a patented design that allows light distribution in 360 degrees. High high-efficiency LED driver is installed in the base of the lamp. The fitting is available in E27 and E40 screw Edison. The LED lamp is suitable for direct connection to mains from 100VAC up to 260VAC. 

The 55W and 65W lamps are powerful replacements for 400W SON Lamps (high-pressure sodium).

The 25W and 35W lamps are direct retrofits for high-pressure sodium lamps up to 100W.  For direction light, the Lapis LED bulbs are ideal for Bay Lights. The light beam angle is 180o

A powerful LED lamp with smart cooling system - Enclosed Fixtures

The LED Cronos bulbs in this category are direct-replacements for enclosed luminaires lanterns and outdoor lighting with a 360o beam angle. We offer E27 and E40 base and power ratings from 20W, 30W and 40W (150 lumen/watt). 

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High Pressure Sodium (SON)                            Direct replacement LED High Bay Lamp

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  1. Satelight LED Light Fitting - Multipurpose - 60Watt Ceiling Light
  2. LED High/Low Bay Lamp 12W E27
  3. LED High/Low Bay Lamp 35W E40.
  4. LED High/Low Bay Lamp 45W E40/E27
  5. LED High/Low Bay Lamp 65W E40
  6. Cronos LED Bulb 20W/30W/40W for Enclosed Luminaire
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