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LED Back-lit Panels

Viston & Ledison LED Back Lit Panels. Less Power for More Lumens

Ledison Lighting, has announced the new recessed PNL-BL6060 LED Panel Light with embedded driver. PNL-BL6060 is available with either a 30W or 50W AC-input and has a highly adjustable patented mounting solution.

Thanks to its configurable patented mounting solution, PNL-BL6060 can be used in a variety of global usage contexts. This LED troffer light can be hung from the ceiling using a wire, mounted on the ceiling, or placed in a t-bar grid. By using the integrated extenders of PNL-BL6060 the width of the light fixture can also be extended from 595 x 595mm to 600 x 600mm, which ensures a secure positioning of the troffer light in most common t-bar grid standards.

Back lit LED panels generate 20% more lumen output compared to ordinary edge lit panels

LED Panels for false/Suspended Ceiling

LED panel lights are increasing in popularity all over the world because they provide an efficient light source for homes and offices alike. Once you have your LED panels installed, you will wonder how you ever did without them, as they provide both flexibility and reliability for home owners.

These lights are very easy to install, since you can hang them from the ceiling with wire or mount onto the ceiling directly. They are then attached using an AC connector, so you won’t need any additional tools to complete the installation. In the end, LED panels are an excellent way to upgrade the lighting inside or outside of your home, while saving money on your energy bills.

Quality of Light

The first thing that many people ask about when considering LED panels is how well they light up a room. After all, poor lighting can ruin the interior of any home, especially in rooms that you and your guests frequent. Luckily, LED lights provide outstanding illumination in an even pattern. Even lighting allows you to set the ambiance in every room in your home without any trouble whatsoever.


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